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We wish to thank you for your continued support of all our efforts and for taking the time to visit our website.

On behalf of the Arrowbear Lake Fire Department, we would like to welcome you to our website, where you can find valuable information regarding the department and our services. The Arrowbear Lake Fire Department is an all hazard, all risk fire service agency located in the San Bernardino National Forest in between Lake Arrowhead and Big Bear. The Arrowbear Lake Fire Department has been providing exceptional emergency services to the Township of Arrowbear Lake and surrounding communities since the departments’ inception in 1953. The Community of Arrowbear Lake is 6 square miles comprised of residential, commercial, and wildland urban interface. Our department is consists of dedicated and versatile staff made up of Firefighters, Fire Apparatus Engineers, and Fire Captains. The department is led by a Fire Chief and Battalion Chief who oversee the day to day operations of the organization. The department staffs a minimum of two personnel daily who are certified as Emergency Medical Technicians in the State of California and the County of San Bernardino. On duty personnel cross staff multiple pieces of apparatus that assist us in maintaining our Class 2 rating through the Insurance Services Office (ISO). We hope you can find some useful information on our page that assists you in obtaining the information you are looking for, and as always, we look forward to continuing to serve you while meeting the need of the community.


Mission Statement

To preserve the quality of life, property, and the environment within the Township of Arrowbear Lake and surrounding areas through education and the professional delivery of fire suppression, community risk reduction, and emergency medical services.


Vision Statement

We strive for “excellence” in every-thing we do while being proactive, professional, and knowledgeable in serving our community with professionalism, integrity, efficiency, and a culture of teamwork.



Trustworthiness is the most important asset we are granted by our community and is the life blood of our organization.

Accountability as we accept responsibility for our actions and decisions.

Compassion is our ability to be sensitive to the need of others, while being open minded as we provide a second to none level off service to all walks of life.

Excellence is how we deliver our services while adaptation to a dynamic environment in which we serve.

Respect is our belief in the basic dignity of every individual we provide service too, while valuing all members of our community and department.

Quality is our ability to uphold the highest standards of customer service with timeliness and value.