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Arrowbear Lake Fire Department Station 271

Dating back to 1924, Arrowbear Lake (originally known as Arrow Bear) was little more than a vacation destination, referred to as “the most scenic and picturesque spot on the famous ‘Rim of the World Drive’”. However, as the population within Arrowbear Lake began to grow, so too did the community’s need for emergency services. To accommodate this, the Arrowbear Park County Water District was formed on April 15th, 1953, with the purpose of providing water and fire protection to its residents. In 1966, the Arrowbear Lake Fire Department was formally established to further supplement the emergency needs of the community.

In 1992, the current Arrowbear Lake Fire Station 271 opened its doors to the public. Not long after this, in October of 2007, the Slide Fire ignited at around 8:02 A.M.


Also known as the Green Valley Lake Fire, this inferno threatened Arrowbear Lake and its surrounding communities like never before. A total of 1,359 firefighters were assigned to the Slide Fire, including many former Arrowbear Lake firefighters. After burning a total of 12,789 acres, the blaze was contained later that month, but not without destroying 201 buildings in the process.

Since then, the community of Arrowbear Lake has flourished. As our community grows, the Department will continue to work hard to meet the various challenges that we may face, and we will continue to strive to provide excellent service to Arrowbear Lake and other surrounding communities. We are always looking to recruit new members, so if you are interested in exploring that possibility, please visit the recruitment section of our website.